Email Marketing

Email marketing is important and highly useful in establishing new clients and maintaining current customer relationships, sending targeted messages, announcing new products and driving online purchases and sales.

Deliver highly relevant messages from e-mail databases comprised of people who have opted to receive emails targeting their specific interests and needs. Through targeted email marketing, you not only reach your targeted prospects and current customers through online promotions, you also have the ability to promote your products via their preferred medium, strengthen your promotional media mix by complimenting your offline marketing initiatives.

From concept to creation and from design to delivery, we offer full service campaign management and delivery data solutions. Infysource can provide access to millions of email addresses and segment prospects based on your individual needs. We identify the email resources that fit your marketing goals and ensure a successful email marketing campaign to make the most of your direct marketing initiatives.

Data Enhancements
Data Enhancements are available to fill in the gaps of missing information and help you market more effectively.

Infysource Enhancement solutions enrich your database with Data Appends that add greater detail about your customers to help you target them more effectively. Infysource retrieves information from multiple data sources, capturing more information which results in the highest quality of data available.

The following is an example of possible gaps from your database that we can provide to boost your prospects and sales leads:

• Phone numbers but no addresses

• Outdated information

• Valuable insight into your market area, such as flagging homes that are seasonally occupied or vacant

Data Analytics

A company's customer database is one of its most valuable assets in identifying new markets and growing the customer base and business. Infysource can help you identify the demographics and psychographics makeup of your customers, building a Regression Analysis so you can market to the appropriate people especially during a particular life event.

If your databank contains business information, we recommend a Business Profile Analysis which uses detailed business information such as SIC cod, sales volume, employee size, etc. to segment different companies by who and when they will need new products and services. Our Database Analysis products are proven to assist you in gaining valuable insights of your customers' behavior and buying trends resulting in increasing your client base and sales in general. Start understanding your customers and prospects better today! Contact your Infysource representative directly, send us a note at .

Industry-Specific Data Solutions and Lists

We have data experts dedicated to specific industries within our organization. They are here to help you with your specific needs and questions regarding data, database management, data enhancement, data hygiene, best practices—anything you need!

Information on our industry-specific solutions:

• Advertising/Marketing Agencies

• Automotive

• Broadband/Cable

• Education/Universities

• Energy/Utilities

• Financial Services/Banks

• Fulfillment Service Companies

• Healthcare

• Insurance

• Newspapers

• Non-Profit

• Printers

• Retail

• Travel and Hospitality

• other industries
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